Requirements to Packing and Freight Transportation Restrictions

TELEPORT Logistic Company operates in the international legal framework of Ukraine and other countries which consign and receive the freights.

Before placing an order for delivery, please carefully read the packing rules and the list of freight prohibited for transportation:

Requirements to packing:

  • Cargos intended for transportation must be provided with intact tare and packing. The cargo packing must be dry and clean, free of external damage and any access to its content.
  • The nature of packing must comply with the cargo content and weight in order to ensure integrity of the packing content and prevent damage of other cargo.
  • Cargos must be packed compactly, without any free spaces.
  • The boxes must be free of any previous labels or handling symbols which do not correspond to their content.
  • Cargos may not be packed into boxes (tare) with danger labels.
  • Dangerous cargo may not be packed with any other cargo into the same box (tare).
  • Dangerous cargos must be provided with the certified tare.
  • Metal, glass, ceramic, wooden, plastic and other tare must ensure integrity of its content and prevent any leaks, spills or dispersal.
  • Cargos requiring special conditions of storage and transportation must have appropriate labels, handling symbols and handling instructions.
  • Glass and ceramic goods are accepted tightly packed into wooden boxes with intratare fillers.
  • Cargos in soft packing (paper) or time-worn packing, which does not ensure integrity and security during transportation, are not accepted for transportation*.

*You may use extra service by TELEPORT Company, i.e. cargo re-packing immediately before shipping. Our specialists will inspect the quality of packing and, if necessary, will re-pack or additionally pack your cargo. We guarantee that your goods will leave our warehouse intact and safely packed.

  • Cargo must be packed according to its special properties so that its integrity is ensured during regular handling (transportation, unloading etc.), and the possibility of damage to another cargo is precluded.

The following items are prohibited for transportation in parcels:

  • Firearm, signal weapon, pneumatic weapon, gas weapon, ammunition, cold weapon (including missile weapon), electroshock weapon and spark dischargers, and main parts of firearm.
  • Thermal cameras and night-vision device.
  • Electronic devices intended for on-the-air operation.
  • Additive drugs of any origin, mind-altering substances;
  • Radioactive substances.
  • Gunpowder, explosive, caustic, inflammable and other dangerous materials.
  • Human organs, mortal remains, ash.
  • Antiques.
  • Ivory.
  • Jewelry, precious metals and gems.
  • Pieces of art.
  • Postal stamps.
  • Goods and publications of obscene character and content, any kind of pornography.
  • Items prohibited for transportation by the World Transport Association.
  • Items which may be dangerous due to their nature or packing to the people handling the parcels, or soil/damage other consignments and equipment.

Moreover, TELEPORT Company does not transport the following goods:

  • Documents, securities and money in any form: transfer orders, checks, vouchers, securities, bonds, coupons, shares, credit cards.
  • Personal things.
  • Seedlings and plants.
  • Animals and birds (both living and nonliving).
  • Food.
  • Goods requiring special temperature regime.
  • Medicinal products.
  • Goods prohibited for legal import/export in a specific country.

Extra restrictions for the cargos delivered by air:

  • Sparklers and fireworks.
  • Gases in any packing, pepper and tear gases inclusive.
  • Inflammable liquids, perfumes, eau de cologne, nail polish, hair spray etc.
  • Any fuel and empty containers for it.
  • Paints and varnishes, any paints and solvents for them.
  • Radioactive materials.
  • Anti-corrosion materials.
  • Tube cleaners.
  • Oxygen-saturated substances.
  • Containers with aerosols.
  • Cylinders for diving.
  • Propane containers.
  • Dry ice and СО2 containers.
  • Weapon and ammunition, gunpowder.
  • Fuel-operated tools.
  • Lighters and filling liquid for them, matches.
  • Accumulators, power supplies, lithium batteries.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Automobile shock adsorbers and other spare parts containing any lubricants.

This list of the goods may be incomplete. Should you have any questions and need more details, please contact our consultants.

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