Air cargo

TELEPORT company performs air cargo delivery from Asia, Europe and United States. We offer you a fixed departure date, reasonable prices, and complete security of cargo. We offer two types of air delivery:

Express air delivery from China in 3 days

If you are unable or unwilling to wait for the goods the standard two weeks, we suggest you use express air delivery. Thanks to a reliable transport channels TELEPORT can deliver your cargo from China in just 72 hours.

Standard air delivery of goods from China in 7-10 days

For transportation of the fragile and an expensive goods, phones, tablets and other electronics used only air delivery. TELEPORT directly cooperates with many international airlines and that allowing us to significantly shorten delivery times, reduce risk, minimize transportation costs and ensure the safety of your cargo.

Air cargo delivery includes:

  • reception goods from supplier in our warehouse
  • transportation goods to the airport
  • customs registration of cargo
  • customs clearance of goods
  • cargo delivery in office or on the customer's warehouse

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